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22 October 2021

How To Make New Friends When You Start University


Going to university and living away from your loved ones and home comforts can be daunting, to say the least.

Not only do you have to learn how to live independently – buying food, cooking tasty meals, paying bills, using the washing machine, attending lectures, and submitting assignments on time – but you’ll probably be moving in with a group of complete strangers, too.

For many students, that’s the scariest part. As time goes on, you’ll soon realise who’s:

  • The messy one who never tidies up or washes pots and pans.
  • The quiet one who refrains from starting conversations.
  • The party animal who can’t say no to a night out or pub crawl.
  • The nagger who is constantly on your back about something.
  • The spoilt one who gets cash handouts from their parents and rubs your nose in it when you’re skint.
  • The joker who is forever cracking jokes and making everyone laugh (usually at someone else’s expense).

Here are just a few of the ways you can make lifelong friends at uni…

Secure your place at student accommodation

You’ll come across all sorts of characters when you start uni, but the first people you’re likely to meet are those that will be staying at your student accommodation.

If you’re staying at our modern, luxurious, and secure student accommodation in Ormskirk, here at McComb Students, you’ll have ample opportunity to meet new, like-minded people.

Although you might not know anything about them, you’re going to be living with them for the next year (or more), sharing a kitchen and lounge area. If your room doesn’t have an ensuite, you’ll be sharing a bathroom as well.

So, when you move into your student digs, introduce yourself and find out if you have any common interests with anyone. Perhaps someone at your accommodation supports the same football or rugby team as you.

Join social media groups

It’s only natural to be worried about who you’ll be living with at uni. But thanks to social media, you can find out who your housemates are before you even move in.

Most universities and accommodation providers have a Facebook group that students can join and get to know the people on their course or staying at their student accommodation. McComb Students certainly do.

The great thing about this is, not only does it break the ice for when you eventually meet face-to-face, but you can plan what to take to your Ormskirk student accommodation.

There’s no need for everyone to pack everything bar the kitchen sink. For instance, one person can bring glassware, another can bring cutlery, someone else can bring plates, whilst you bring dishcloths and tea towels.

Attend Freshers week

Freshers week gives first-year students the chance to find out more about their housemates, the course they’re studying, the campus, clubs, and the local area.

Packed with exciting activities to suit all interests, there’ll be several workshops and taster sessions to get involved with. Many bars, clubs, and restaurants also host events to make students feel welcome whilst settling in at uni. And let’s not forget the promotional offers on food and drink!

Our best advice to ensure you make the most of Freshers week is to be yourself. Let people see your true personality. Don’t try to impress anyone or show off.

Speak to people on your course

The people you meet on your course are likely to have similar aspirations to you. With that said it’s a brilliant opportunity to make new friends – either to socialise with between lectures or just to meet and work on assignments with.

It might be tricky on the first couple of days if there are lots of people in your class, but it’s worthwhile sitting with different people and getting to know them. This way you can work out who you get along with the best and who you feel the most comfortable with.

Sign up to societies

Joining societies at the Freshers fair is a great way to make friends with people who share the same interests as you. It could be a sport or hobby that you’ve had ever since you were young or something that you’ve always wanted to have a go at, but never had the chance to.

Even if it’s something you’ve never done before, there’s bound to be others in the same position. And there’s always lots of social events to attend.

Contact McComb Students

For more tips on making new friends at university – either on your course or at your student halls or house – call 01695 422 122.

Here at McComb Students, we are the largest provider of student accommodation in Ormskirk. All our rooms are spacious and come with basic amenities, including a cosy bed, en-suite, desk, wardrobe, bedside table, and a flat-screen TV. We also have laundrette facilities on-site, and high-speed fibre Wi-Fi and utilities are included in the monthly rent.

By the McComb Bloggers

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