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14 December 2020

Last Minute Christmas Gift guide!


ELEVEN! Days to go, that just doesn’t sound right does it? I’m sure this year went something along the lines of March, Covid, December, scary! Although I can’t deny the fact that I am feeling extra Christmassy this year. In a way I think you’ve got to because let’s face it 2020 has been nothing short of a disaster for most people! BUT thanks to Boris at least we are able to see our families over the Christmas period and I don’t know about you but there’s something that just feels that bit more special knowing it’s going to be a period of pure family time, celebrations, Christmas movies, lots of food, maybe abit (a lot) of alcohol and presents! Which brings me to the purpose of this blog, Christmas presents on a budget, December is an expensive month and after everything I’m sure we are all pining for January student loan (hurry please!) So here are my tips/ places to shop for Christmas on a budget…

1. Student Discount

Wouldn’t be a student budget blog without mentioning student discount really would it? The amount of money student discount saves me is unbelievable, these 10%’s and 15%’s definitely add up! It shocks me the number of students I know who do not take advantage of it! The top student discount websites I use are StudentBeans and UNIDAYS, they are free to sign up as long as you have access to a student email, and you can start accessing discounts straight away! It’s also worth when out and about shopping asking if they offer discount as some places don’t advertise, they do!

Some of the top retailers offering discount at the moment are:

  • Footasylum – 10%
  • Missguided – 35%!! (WOW)
  • Morphe – 10%
  • Under Armour – 10%
  • – 25%
  • Gymshark – 10%
  • Asos- 10%

And 100’s more!

2. Etsy

Etsy has been around for years, but it wasn’t until during the pandemic I realised its importance! Having started up my own small business I started to realise the significance of supporting other small business’ and helping their little dreams become reality! Etsy is essentially a global marketplace, that allows millions of people to sell unique handcrafted products! I have purchased most of my Christmas presents from there this year and have not once been left disappointed. The photo I have attached is a present I have bought for a family member, fully personalised to suit their desire and only £7!! I have attached a link below that will take you too an Etsy Christmas guide. You can also just search a product you are thinking of e.g., ‘Personalised gifts’ and it will come up with 1000’s of ideas, id be surprised if there wasn’t something to suit everyone on there!

3. B&M and Home Bargains!

If you don’t LOVE a trip around B&M or Home Bargains are you normal? It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, nipping in for one thing and coming out with a trolley full of stuff half of which you don’t need, oops! I think a lot of people underestimate how good they actually are for gifts as well; they definitely have gifts to suit every kind of budget. B&M even have a gift section on their website which you can tailor to your budget, amazing! They have everything ranging from Alcohol gift sets, foodie gifts, perfumes, selfie lights, Game console merch, speakers, a whole friends section (PIVOT!), toys and so much more! You will find very similar items in Home Bargains, you honestly cannot go wrong, especially for the little ones. So, get yourself down there and I guarantee this is the best place to do your Christmas shopping on a budget! The presents don’t even look cheap either!

4. Gift Ideas

To finish off I thought id put a few recommendations of what I have bought people or what I have asked for this year incase you are really stuck for ideas!

  • Personalised latte glasses and coffee to go with it!
  • Soap and glory sets (Boots have great 3 for 2 offers)
  • Alcohol (you can’t go wrong with a bottle of someone’s favourite alcohol, I promise!)
  • Perfume!
  • Gift cards
  • Pyjamas
  • Personalised phone case
  • Chocolates
  • Bath bombs
  • A 2021 diary

This is just a few of my recommendations! Follow my tips and tricks above and you will have Christmas sorted on a budget in no time!

By the McComb Bloggers

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