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11 April 2019

My typical Edge Hill week

Student Life

Having just finished University for my second year, with only placement left, I thought reflecting on what a typical university week consists of would be quite interesting; particularly for any potential new students!


  • Monday is usually quite a quiet day for me as an education student, with only a lecture and a seminar in the morning and another seminar in the afternoon.
  • We usually grab lunch in the hub from Sages – Chips and Beans are the best!
  • Then it’s usually off to Wetherspoon’s for some drinks once me and my friends have finished for the day – Monday Club has some great deals!
  • Then it’s back to my flat at The Elms to finish re-watching Game of Thrones on the all-inclusive Sky package provided by McCombs.


  • Tuesday gives me a little bit of a lie in with seminars only starting at 11am – but that means I am in until 6pm! As bad as that sounds it is quite a good day, as we often grab a Subway from the campus shop in the SU to keep us sane.
  • After uni we head back home to get ready for Alpine Tuesdays. Tuesday particularly is a student night around Ormskirk, however, there isn’t just Alpine open. If you fancy a quieter night there are various bars around town open until late including Dinky Dory’s, Mad Hatter, Mimi and Gin and Nordico Lounge.
  • To finish the night off we usually head to the 24/7 McDonalds for a midnight snack.


  • Wednesday is my day off, so we usually head to the Gym on campus which is conveniently only a 20-minute walk away from most of McComb’s accommodations.
  • We then usually come back and relax in the communal space, maybe watch a film or two from Sky Cinema and then make some tea.
  • In the evening we usually *try* and get some work done by the kitchen table. With the superfast Wi-Fi provided by McComb journal searching is a breeze.


  • Back to uni! With campus only being a 15-minute walk away, I can still wake up at a reasonable time and be in time for my 9am.
  • Thursday is shopping day. Aldi is only 5 minutes away so it’s easy to grab some stuff and bring it back to the flat. If Aldi isn’t your thing then Morrisons is only across the road.
  • Then it is usually my time to chill, play Xbox, watch Netflix or continue our Game of Thrones binge into the night.


  • Friday is a quieter day in uni, with two seminars it is a bit more of a chill day.
  • Then it’s usually back to the flat to get ready for Friday Night Karaoke in the SU Bar. Guaranteed to be a fun night the Karaoke is very busy so arrive early to make sure you get a seat!

So that’s my typical week at Edge Hill. As you can see there is plenty going on; and with events regularly hosted by McComb such as Pizza Nights and FIFA Tournaments you’ll always be able to find something to do.


By Alex Greenalgh

Hi! I’m Alex Greenhalgh and I am a second year at Edge Hill University studying Primary Education with QTS, and yes, I know I’m mad for going into that profession… (I’ve heard all the jokes) but I am keen to make a difference to the lives of the next generation. When I am not in University I enjoy cooking, gaming and the university students’ staple pass time, ‘spoons. My interests will be reflected with my blogs as they will have a strong focus on cooking. I understand the struggles and the endless trawls through Aldi looking for the best bargains, so I want to pass on a few insights into how cooking can be fun, inexpensive and tasty! I really do hope you enjoy reading my blogs!

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