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22 October 2018

Student Recipes: Easiest Chicken Dish Ever!

Food & Drink, Student Life

Sometimes cooking can be a bit of a chore and we often result to a cheeky takeaway, but here is a recipe for a quick and simple home-made chicken fried rice at the portion of the cost for a takeaway!

The Shopping List: (Chosen Supermarket: Aldi)

  • Chicken Breasts x2 – £1.55
  • Basil Leaves – £0.49
  • Uncooked Rice – £0.45
  • Chicken Stock – £0.36
  • Lemon – £0.82

Total: £3.67


The Breakdown Per Serving (1 Bowl)

  • Chicken Breast – £0.77
  • Basil Leaves – £0.10
  • Uncooked Rice – £0.15
  • Chicken Stock – £0.03
  • Lemon – £0.07

Total Per Serving: £1.12


Many of the ingredients can also be used in other meals. The rice can be stored and used for Curries and the Lemon can be used for putting in Vodka!

The Method:

Cook time: 10m prep time, 30m Cook Time.

Bearing in mind that we are dealing with raw chicken at this stage, food hygiene methods should be observed throughout this stage of the preparation. Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after handling and ensure that all equipment is properly washed before re-use.

Chop the chicken breast up into small chunks or strips – whichever you prefer and brown them off in a frying pan for around 1 – 2 minutes. Ensure that they are white / turning brown at this stage.

Next, pour your rice into a standard mug until it is about half full – this will give you a decent sized portion of rice. Then pour into your pan.

Utilising the same mug method – boil the kettle and place 1 chicken stock cube into your mug of boiling water. Give it a quick stir to break up the stock cube and pour into your pan.

Chop up your Basil into a size that you prefer. Here you can add any further ingredients that you want to; such as salt, pepper and other herbs.

Give your pan a quick stir and pop a strip of tin-foil over it to let it cook. Leave this for about 25 minutes.

Continue to check on it regularly and stir it every 5 minutes or so to make sure that none of your rice gets stuck to the bottom of the pan.

Once it is cooked, serve in your favourite bowl and enjoy!

Don’t forget, if you try any of our recipes then tag us on Instagram: @mccombstudents

If you have any questions or further suggestions for my Student Recipes Blogs then please don’t hesitate to contact me on:


By Alex Greenalgh

Hi! I’m Alex Greenhalgh and I am a second year at Edge Hill University studying Primary Education with QTS, and yes, I know I’m mad for going into that profession… (I’ve heard all the jokes) but I am keen to make a difference to the lives of the next generation. When I am not in University I enjoy cooking, gaming and the university students’ staple pass time, ‘spoons. My interests will be reflected with my blogs as they will have a strong focus on cooking. I understand the struggles and the endless trawls through Aldi looking for the best bargains, so I want to pass on a few insights into how cooking can be fun, inexpensive and tasty! I really do hope you enjoy reading my blogs!

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