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8 February 2021

Top 8 reasons you should stay with Mccomb in 2021/22!


1. They have rooms to fit everyone’s needs and budgets!

Rooms available are:

  • Bronze
  • Bronze Plus
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Gold Plus
  • Platinum

Check out Mccomb’s website to see all the features of each room type, they range from smaller rooms with single beds to larger rooms with double beds and your own KITCHENETTE! Every room is also en-suite!

2. Dual occupancy is available and discount for group bookings!

Mccomb offer Dual occupancy for silver rooms upwards! Perfect if you and your partner or friend are wanting to save on rent and share a room! They also have an amazing deal on this February where if you book a Silver dual occupancy room you get the rent for just £100 per person per week, that’s a massive saving of £3250 over the year!  BE QUICK! Also group bookings of 3 or more entitles you all to a discount!

3. Kitchenettes in Gold rooms upwards!

Kitchenettes are perfect if you’re wanting abit more privacy during your studies and maybe aren’t fond of sharing kitchens, we all know what student kitchens can be like, ha-ha! Also, who doesn’t want to be able to make a cup of tea whenever they want without leaving their room??

4. 24/7 Maintenance and high security!

Anyone that’s currently staying with Mccomb or has done in the past will not hesitate to tell you how much of a legend Richie our maintenance man is! He can never do enough for us tenants and fixes any issues as soon as he possibly can, which is 100% a plus when staying in student accommodation! Every Mccomb house also comes with fob entry and CCTV which gives you that extra feeling of security.


Need I say more? The convenience of having all bills included is just something else! No pesky Wi-Fi bills (Mccomb have you covered with High-Speed Fibre WI-FI) or arguments about money with flat mates.

 6. Oh, did I mention SKY TV AND BT SPORTS?

Every communal area comes equipped with Sky Tv and BT sports! Perfect for your communal film or football nights… leading me onto my next point!

 7. Quiz Nights, competitions, and FREE DOMINOS!

Mccomb are legends at bringing you and your flat mates together! Regular quizzes are held, and the winning flat gets free dominos! Random competitions are also flung on us at times bringing out students super competitive sides! They are great and prizes range from vouchers to dominos! Some examples of ones we have done are:

  • Best pancakes on pancake day
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Christmas Bake-off

I’m sure once lockdown is over there will be lots more they have planned too!

8.  Location of every house is so convenient!

Everyone of Mccomb’s student houses is virtually in the town centre! Close to all amenities (and Alpine!) and a maximum 15-minute walk to Campus. What more could you ask for?

These are just some of the reasons you should stay with Mccomb for the 2021/22 Academic year! Be quick though some houses are already fully booked! Check out their website with information on how to book!


By Skye Scanlon


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